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Flygbussarna Airport Coaches offers affordable and comfortable bus transfer to and from the seven largest airports of Sweden. Each year, more than four million journeys are made with Flygbussarna, of which an absolute majority are run on biofuel. We are actively working to reduce our environmental impact by smart driving and increasing the proportion of buses run on biofuel. Flygbussarna has ca 420 employees with offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg.

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Båtbussarna offers bus transfer to and from ferry terminals in Nynäshamn (Destination Gotland), Stadsgården (Viking Line), Värtahamnen (Tallink Silja) and Grisslehamn (Eckerölinjen). Båtbussarna also offers rides to Djurgården from Värtahamnen and Stadsgården. 

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Snälltåget offers affordable and personal train journeys between Malmö and Stockholm. In the winter Snälltåget also offers journey to Åre and Vemdalen, and in the summer to Berlin. Each year about 400 000 passengers travel with Snälltåget. Snälltåget is smaller than most operators in the train industry and can therefore offer a more personal travel experience. The head office is located in Malmö and has ca 35 employees. 

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Bussakuten orders, plans and coordinates transports for businesses whose transports do not arrive, become delayed or arrive at the wrong destination. Bussakuten is one of the market leaders within traffic planning and replacement traffic. Bussakuten’s signature is professional treatment, high service level, accountability, adaptability and constant quality development. The company has ca 20 employees with offices in central Stockholm. 

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Flygbussarna Charter

Flygbussarna Charter offers customized bus journeys with modern, safe and comfortable vehicles and drivers with long experience and high service level. A journey with Flygbussarna Charter is more than a transport from A to B. Flygbussarna Charter puts the experience in center and does not forget the details that contribute to the whole. Flygbussarna has ca 60 employees with offices in Sollentuna. 

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